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The Story of Nadira

  Grew up in Marrakesh, Morocco and comes from a family of craftspeople   where rug-making and working with leather is part of the family   tradition. At the age of twelve, she learned the trade of making bags   and working with leather while helping her father repair vintage leather   bags, leather poufs, pillows and rugs and serving customers all over   the world from her father’s shop in the Marrakesh bazaar.With   a dream of venturing beyond her father’s shop, Nadira came to the USA   in April 2009 and enrolled at LaGuardia Community College as an   undergraduate student majoring in Accounting. While studying, she was   still designing and making the leather bags as she had always done in   Morocco.Nadira's   brother would come to visit her a few times a year and during his  visit  she gave him few bags to sell at the flea market in Williamsburg  and  Chelsea Market.The   decision to start her own business was solidified when every single  bag  was sold. That’s when she realized she had something special. She  began  operating her business from her little apartment in Queens and  soon  realized she had to find a way to grow in a more significant way.  Nadira  set up an Etsy store, and since then, she has sold handmade bags  all  over the world and rated five stars positive reviews. As the  demand for  the bags increased, she moved to a larger space in NYDesigns  incubator  space in June 2014.No machine at all.  Every bag is handmade.  Proudly made in the USA.